Your mother and I will be away

"Your mother and I will be away" is the beginning of a note left by Terrence Greenbriar for Sam letting her know that they are heading out of town, presumably for their couples' retreat. It is written in heavy pencil (or wax crayon), in all capitals, on crisp, though somewhat browned, legal pad or looseleaf ruled paper. It is stuck to the wall perfectly square, in the garage near Sam's bike. 



Your mother and I will be away for a long weekend celebrating our anniversary June 3-7. We will be camping in the Gorge but we will give you a call on the way home.

Sorry the kitchen is still mid-renovation. Never trust a contractor. $40 is on the table to order pizza while we're gone.

Be good.



The paper is meticulously perfectly aligned and level. It is stuck to the wall with a strip of masking tape, which is not visible when viewed zoomed in.


This is apparently the precursor to My parents are leaving town. Though Sam has obviously read this note, which must have been written days before, it is still stuck to the wall when Katie comes home.

The necessity of leaving a note for Sam suggests that the parents left on short notice, and/or that Sam has been avoiding them.