Yolanda DeSoto
Lonnie in uniform
Birth 1976 (18 years old)[source?]
Gender Female
Nickname Lonnie
Voice Karla Zimonja[1]

Yolanda "Lonnie" DeSoto[2] is the best friend, and eventual girlfriend, of Samantha Greenbriar.

Early life Edit

Lonnie's family originated from Mexico,[3] and she grew up in different army bases.[4] Since pubescence, she had intended on joining JROTC and moving on to Basic after graduating.[5]

Senior year Edit

Lonnie first became aware of Sam due to the nickname other students around the school had for her: the "Psycho House Girl".[6] However, they did not meet until after Sam approached Lonnie and a few of her friends after school while they were playing Street Fighter at a local service station.

The two became friends, quickly sharing aspects of their lives; the day after meeting, Sam invited Lonnie to her new house to play Super Nintendo,[7] and two weeks later, Lonnie asked Sam to help dye her hair.[8]

Trivia Edit

  • Lonnie is pictured twice in-game and heard twice on the answering machine. She is voiced by Karla Zimonja, co-founder of The Fullbright Company, though her performance goes uncredited in the end credits of the game.[1]

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