The house on Arbor Hill, also known as "the psycho house" was the property that the Greenbriar family – Sam, Janice, and Terrence – moved into during the summer of 1994.[1][2] Terrence had inherited it from his uncle, Oscar Masan, after the latter's passing.[3]

History Edit

The house was built prior to Oscar Masan's birth,[4] and it became the home in which he grew up and eventually spent the rest of his life. In the 1950s and 1960s, it often hosted Oscar's sister and her son, Terrence, particularly during the holidays;[5] however, some time after 1967, Terrence ceased to go and visit his uncle, and did not return to the house until 1994 when his family moved into the property.[5][6]

Description Edit

The house is a classic Victorian-era manor,[source?] totalling three stories in height including a basement and an attic. There are a number of different rooms, including an upstairs and a downstairs bathroom, and an ensuite in the master bedroom. The attic had been renovated into a darkroom for Sam to develop her pictures.

Additionally, there were a number of secret passages and nooks. These were discovered, and subsequently exploited, by Sam and Lonnie during their various explorations of the house.

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