Terrence Greenbriar
Terrence greenbriar
Birth 1951
Gender Male
Nickname Terry
Voice N/A

Terrence "Terry" L. Greenbriar, Jr. is the father of Samantha and Kaitlin Greenbriar, and is married to Janice Greenbriar. He is the author of The Accidental Savior, a book originally planned to be a trilogy.[1]

Biography Edit

Childhood Edit

Terrence was born in 1951, and spent many of his early years at the house on Arbor Hill with his uncle, Oscar Masan.[2] His father, Terrence Greenbriar, Snr., was also an author, and someone whom Terrence strived to please.[3] At some point after his twelfth birthday, Terrence ceased to visit his uncle's home,[2] and indeed did not visit for many years until the passing of Oscar Masan in 1993.[4] When the property was subsequently bequeathed to Terrence, the family eventually moved in in 1994.

Trivia Edit

  • Terrence's book, The Accidental Savior, can also be found in the game Firewatch (2016), suggesting both games share a universe.[5]

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