Fizz rite ginger ale

Soda cans are objects strewn about the house. They are nearly all Aumann's brand soda, which appears to be a store brand.

Presumably they are just left behind from your irresponsible younger sister leaving her crap everywhere when she hangs out around the house.

They come in flavors such as Fizz Rite Ginger Ale, cola, and Dr. Jitters
Dr jitters soda can

Aumann's Dr. Jitters. It tastes like cherry cola. Kind of.


The cans hold 12 oz. They contain potassium benzoate, as a preservative.

Fizz-Rite and Dr. Jitters are bottled by the Nelson Company of Tennessee, under authority of Aumann's. Aumann's has The Best For Your Table.


You can only rotate cans along the vertical axis, but they can be thrown.

Aumann's comes in flavors like Fizz-Rite ginger ale, Dr. Jitters, Cola, and Orange. Cola only seems to come in 2-liter bottles. There is an orange soda can in the garage recycling bin.