Ship Date is a journal entry by Samantha Greenbriar, dated January 12th, 1995. Sam shares her shock and sadness over the knowledge that her time with Lonnie is limited, and that Lonnie intended on following her fream to join the army and not stay with Sam.

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I'm so stupid sometimes. I was telling Lonnie that I got into my summer college program thing, and I was all making plans like, "you should come visit me, stay in my dorm room!" But she said, "Sam, I ship out on June 6th." I was like... ship out? To where? She said, "To Basic Training! What did you think I was doing all that ROTC stuff for?" I guess she's been planning to join the Army right after high school since she was like, 12. And I guess she's really going to do it. So I was like, "After graduation, I'm just... never going see you again?" She said, "Let's just have fun while we can."

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  • This journal is found when looking at Sam's college acceptance form in the main basement room.

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