Letters to katie

"Letters to Katie," Sam's journal

Sam's journal, entitled "Letters to Katie", is a journal Sam kept to express her thoughts while her big sister, and usual confidante, Katie was abroad in Europe and unavailable to talk. The entries are written for Katie to peruse.

Background Edit

After the Greenbriars moved into the house on Arbor Hill, Sam began detailing her life in a journal, stating that it would be almost as good as talking to Katie. Across the year, Sam wrote twenty-four letters to her sister, which are uncovered whilst Katie explores the house for her family.

Location Edit

Sam left her journal on a table in the attic, which she used as a darkroom and as a place for her to spend time with Lonnie. It lies on a table with a desk lamp surrounded by three chairs covered in cloths.

Entries Edit

Journal entries to Katie from Sam:

Trivia Edit

  • Sam's journal is the last item to uncover in the game. Clicking on it will prompt the final journal entry to play, with the screen fading black to the credits.