My parents are leaving town

"My parents are leaving town" is the beginning of a crumpled chain note between Sam and Lonnie.

Transcript Edit

My parents are leaving town so we'll have the run of the whole house til you leave! Imagine actually spending the night in my room instead of sneaking up to our usual spot in the attic. Not that the attic doesn't have its musty allure but my bedroom is warmer.

SAM! We should defile your parent's bed while they're gone! that'll show em!!

You are gross. Never change.

Background Edit

The note is found crumpled in the trash can in the garage. It is written on three-hole-punch paper torn from a spiral notebook. Sam writes in blue pen, Lonnie writes in red. Sam informs Lonnie of her parents' absence as they go on a couple's retreat and invites her to stay with her until Lonnie leaves to join the army.

Next to the note is Sam's uniform and name tag from Crown Burger.