Katie's postcards were the various postcards sent by Kaitlin Greenbriar to her mother, father, and sister while she was travelling through Europe.

France Edit

Paris postcard front

The postcard Katie sent to her family while in Paris.

France was one of the first places Katie visited whilst abroad. She wrote it on September 2, 1994, and sent it using airmail. She used the postcard to share what she had already done during her trip. These included "many Parisian things", such as trying their cuisine – le petit dejéuner, breakfast – and partaking in the fashion (wearing a beret). She also revealed that she would have plenty of pictures to share, and that she had bought Sam a present from the Shakespeare Book Company, though she did not reveal what this present may have been. She also comments on how "weird" it is to be addressing the postcard to her family's new address.

Text Edit

Paris postcard back

The back of the postcard Katie sent to her family while in Paris.

Hi Mom, Dad, and Sam,
I'm in Paris! I have done many Parisian things, including le petit dejeuner and wearing a beret. I'm going to have lots of film to develop when I get back!!
Sam, I'm bringing you back something from the Shakespeare Book Company, since you are my favorite sister.
Love you all!