Katie's message is a message left on the house answering machine by Katie to alert her mother of when she was scheduled to arrive home. Between Katie leaving the message and her arrival home, it had not been deleted from the machine.[1]

Transcript Edit

Hey Mom, so I got my flight back from Europe. I get back on June 6, but it's a really late flight, because that was the cheapest, so it gets in at midnight. But don't worry, because I'll get a shuttle from the airport so you don't have to come pick me up. Like, really, seriously, you don't have to. Okay, so, love you, see you soon, bye!

Trivia Edit

  • This track is the first one of the game, and the only one spoken by Katie.
  • This track is included on the physical copy of the special edition of the game, as are all audio journals. It is titled "Introduction".

References Edit

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