Janice Greenbriar
Birth March 8, 1950[1]
Gender Female
Nickname Jan
Voice N/A

Janice "Jan" Elizabeth Connelly Greenbriar is a character in Gone Home. She is the mother of Sam and Katie, and is married to Terrence Greenbriar. She works for the State Forestry Service in Oregon.

Early life Edit

Janice went to college. She had a close relationship with her roommate whilst she was there, Carol, and the two stayed in touch after tertiary education.[2] She lived in Seattle for some time, having married Terrence Greenbriar by the time she was twenty-two.[1] Her first child, Kaitlin, was born in 1973, and her second child, Sam, was born a few years later.

Moving into Arbor County Edit

In 1994, they moved into Terrence's uncle's old home, with it having been bequeathed to Terrence upon his uncle's death.[3] During this year, her relationship with Terrence began to struggle, particularly with Terrence's despondence over his novels no longer being published.[4] Janice began spending more time with a particular work colleague, Rick, who helped her with a controlled burn being conducted by the State Forestry Department.[2] Rick lent her a book of poetry by Walt Whitman[5] and invited her to a concert to see Earth, Wind, and Fire.[6][7]

Eventually, Janice and Terrence sought help for their failing marriage, consulting books[8] and going on a couple's retreat.[9] They kept the state of their marriage a secret from Sam, telling her that they were going away for an anniversary weekend.[10][11] It fell on the same day as Rick's wedding, to which both Janice and Terrence had been invited.

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