Like a drug
It's like a drug is a note written by Sam found under a table in a small room in the basement. The player only has a few seconds to read it before Katie puts it down in embarrassment, after which she will refuse to pick it up again.


It's like a drug...

The first time was in my room in the middle of the night. I woke up and Lonnie was kissing me. The clock said 3:13. Her face was spectral in its dim red light. Then I could only feel her. It was different than any time I'd done it myself. My head was swimming, I felt disembodied, transported bodily, like being caught in a powerful current, having no control and wanting none. It broke and I didn't want anything but it again...

like a drug...


-Sleepovers are good but there have been close calls

-The basement is good but cold and smelly

-My car is good but riskier still, + cramped.

Someday we won't have to sneak around anymore.