In the Attic is a journal entry by Samantha Greenbriar, dated June 6, 1995. She speaks of her loneliness with the absence of Lonnie, and how, in the attic, she could pretend that Lonnie was not really gone. She ends it by saying that she would go and wait in the attic.

Transcript Edit

The sunset light in this house is the saddest thing I've ever seen.

I just want to sleep.

When I'm in the attic, it almost feels like Lonnie could still be here... She's just downstairs... I'm just waiting to hear her pull down the hatch and come running up.

Maybe I'll go up to the attic... and wait...

Location Edit

  • This journal is found by picking up the attic key in the secret room in the foyer.

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Journal entries to Katie from Sam: