I Said Yes is a journal entry by Samantha Greenbriar, dated June 6, 1995. It is Sam's final journal entry, though it is not the last correspondence to be addressed to Katie. In this entry, Sam explains her disappearance: Lonnie had been unable to go through with her plan, and so she got off the bus in another city. She had already attempted to contact Sam twice before finally getting through. She asked Sam was willing to drive and find her; Sam said that she was.

Some players have noted that skipping through this journal entry may radically change the perceived tone of the final entry.[1]

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Oh my god Katie, I fell asleep in the attic, in Lonnie and my old spot, and I missed the first two calls. I just barely caught the third one before the machine got it and it was LONNIE on a PAYPHONE. She'd been on a bus to Basic and she said she couldn't-- she couldn't think of anything but ME, and US, and that she couldn't go through with it, with the Army, and being apart and ALL of it, that she got off the bus in SALEM. She said, "Sam, I want you to pack up everything you can and get in your car and come find me and let's just DRIVE... until we find somewhere... for us. And she asked me... if I could do that. And I said yes. Yes!

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  • This journal is found by looking at the drawing on the futon in the attic.

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