I Can Sing is a journal entry by Samantha Greenbriar, dated February 11th, 1995. It details Todd's band losing their singer and Lonnie offering to replace him. Same promises that, even though Lonnie is moving away in a few months, she will be at every show to support her girlfriend.

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Todd's band lost their singer – Todd said he sucked, Lonnie says he got sick of Todd's shit – and he was complaining about needing a new singer, so Lonnie was like, "I can sing!" And they were all kind of like, "you can??" And she was like, "probably!"

But she's been rehearsing with them for like a week now, and I finally got to see them in Todd's basement today, and she's actually... really... amazing. I feel so... proud when she's onstage. It's incredible being in awe of somebody you love.

So everybody knows it's like, a temporary situation, til she ships out in June. But til then... I'm going to be at every single show.

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  • This journal is found by looking at the setlist on the wall of the basement bedroom.

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