Hanging Out With Girls is a journal entry by Samantha Greenbriar, dated October 3, 1994. She ruminates the difference between hanging out with girls – in particular, Lonnie – and boys. She mentions her friendship with Daniel and the fact that they grew up knowing each other, and her newfound friendship with Lonnie. She concludes by saying that she has someone she can "feel normal around", and that Lonnie had given her a tape that she finds herself unable to stop listening to.

Transcript Edit

It's weird hanging out with girls. Daniel was around ever since I was little, and other girls... I dunno. But being around Lonnie is, like, instantly just right. I gave her the grand Psycho House tour, and took my revenge on Super Nintendo, and it was like, I dunno, I finally found someone I feel normal around.

I drove her home and she gave me this tape and said "you have GOT to listen to this." I haven't stopped playing it since.

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  • This journal is located in the cabinet in the second-floor hallway.

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