Getting Lonnie is a journal entry by Samantha Greenbriar, dated April 10, 1995. It discusses Lonnie, and her dual ability to be both punk and "anti-authority" while at the same time working hard in JROTC to ensure that she is following orders perfectly. Sam states that she does not "get" Lonnie, and admits that she thinks Lonnie may not even get Lonnie.

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I don't "get" Lonnie sometimes.

Like, her band and our zine and her hair and everything are all "anti-authority," but I watch her in JROTC and she's doing drills in perfect formation, following orders, no question. And there's all this stuff in the news about Don't Ask Don't Tell. Like, she's going to join the Army and then have to... LIE? About who she IS? She said, "they don't need to know what they don't need to know." Like it was no big deal. This from the girl who trashed her locker to like, defend my honor...

I've learned when to stop arguing though. I don't think Lonnie "gets" Lonnie sometimes.

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  • This journal is found by looking at the response letter from the school in the zine-making room.

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