Default Friends is a journal entry by Samantha Greenbriar, dated September 15, 1994. It is the first to mention aspects of Sam's life prior to moving to Arbor Hill, specifically a next-door neighbor called Daniel. In it, Sam ruminates on friendships, and how often people become friends with their neighbors simply because they live near one another. Despite mentioning that she found him weird, she still acknowledged that they were friends, and they had similar tastes.

Transcript Edit

When you live in one place your whole life, your next door neighbor is kind of like, your default friend. And Daniel only got weirder over the years. So moving away has been a good excuse to like.... not see him anymore. But he did always have the good Nintendo games... Maybe I'll give him a call.

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  • This journal is found in a coat pocket in the music room closet.

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Journal entries to Katie from Sam: