Daniel is a journal entry by Samantha Greenbriar, dated May 19, 1995. Several months after first mentioning Daniel and her friendship with him, he comes over to collect his Nintendo game. Sam had not been looking forward to it, but he surprised her by bringing a story she had written when she was nine years old. When reading it, she began crying, realising that he was her friend and she had taken him for granted as a "default friend". Unable to admit this, she instead told him about her new school, and her dad, and Lonnie.

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Daniel finally came over to get his game. I'd been dreading it... but he brought this story with him that I wrote when we were little. I started reading it... and then there I was, crying at the kitchen table. He asked what was wrong and I was thinking about how we use to be friends.. how much I'd taken for granted... but instead I told him about school and dad and Lonnie... and then how sorry I was that I wasn't his friend anymore.

He gave me a hug and said it was going to be okay. And for some reason, I almost believed him.

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  • This journal is found by looking at Sam's story on the kitchen table.

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