Daniel is a minor character in Gone Home, mentioned occasionally in journal entries, who was Sam's first and only friend during her childhood.


Daniel grew up in Sam's neighborhood who enjoyed playing video games and often did so with Sam at his house. Sam even wrote a story about herself and Daniel on an adventure. They gradually grew apart as Sam grew older, especially once the Greenbriar family moved to their inherited mansion in Arbor Hill, Oregon. Sam took many of Daniel's Nintendo games with her, and both her and Daniel's mothers encouraged that they play together again some time, though Sam claims that she thinks Daniel is weird and his games were the only reason they ever hung out together.

Later during the first school year at the new house, Daniel comes over to finally collect his Nintendo games from Sam, which she had been dreading. However, Daniel brought the story that Sam wrote when they were younger, causing her to cry for how much she had taken for granted in their friendship. She explains to him about her new school life, including her relationship with Lonnie, and her regrets of how their friendship hadn't lasted after the move. Daniel hugs her and says that everything will be all right.