Christmas Duck. Lives in a cabinet on the front porch during the off season.

Christmas Duck is an avian-styled holiday decoration that is stored in a cabinet on the front porch. It is used to hide the spare key to the house; Katie recognises it after picking it up, with the duck becoming the "Good ol' Christmas Duck."

Background[edit | edit source]

A copy of the front door key is hidden under the duck.

The change to the interaction text after it is picked up – "Good ol' Christmas Duck" – suggests that hiding a key under the same duck is a constant that Katie is familiar with, and was likely used at their previous house.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The duck cost $5.99.
  • There is a hidden achievement in the game. To unlock it, Katie must carry the duck all the way up to the attic. There is a nest hidden to the left of the stairs once she ascends, where the duck can be placed.
  • The Christmas Duck was also featured in Fullbright's second game, Tacoma. It can be found in a storage area, and there is a minor interaction available to the player.
  • Christmas Duck also makes an appearance in Firewatch. It is located out in the middle of Jonesy Lake.
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